A Reasonably Viable Marriage

Skip Yetter’s second novel, A Reasonably Viable Marriage, was released in May of 2020.

Ben and Brenda Tremblay should have been enjoying the twilight years of their life together. They should have been spending languid days with their daughter and grandchildren, supported by a universe of friends and savoring quiet hours in a home filled with mementos.

But Brenda suffers from Alzheimer’s disease in a care hospital, a cruel, final obstacle for a couple who survived profound conflict and unthinkable loss in their 63 years of marriage.

Ben is haunted by memories as he struggles to cope. Yet those same thoughts inspire him to savor the remnants of what Brenda’s overbearing father once dismissed as “a reasonably viable marriage,” as the principles of their wedding vows – love, trust, honesty, fidelity, openness, acceptance, partnership and commonality of purpose and values – are tested again and again.

A Reasonably Viable Marriage is a story of love and loss, mistakes and forgiveness, and the human capacity to defy the forces that threaten what matters most.

From readers: 

“This new book by Skip Yetter is a beautifully written and engaging morality play that should resonant with anyone. His characters come to life and will touch you. There is something here for all readers. I was moved by the element of Alzheimer’s as my mother died of it, but the book covers many other aspects of our human condition … strengths and weaknesses, life’s challenges and joys… you get a great sampling of it all.”

“You can see that Yetter was a former journalist as he is capable here of crafting powerful paragraphs. Bit a a page-turner. Strongly recommended.”

“This captivated me from the first page. Each character takes you through a wave of emotions and makes you truly appreciate the here and now. Its hard not to shed a quiet tear as you follow Ben and Brenda’s journey through life, and all that they endured and overcame, together.”