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A little of a lot in zany, unpredictable Belize

We’re sipping mocha ice cream beverages served by the Chinese owners of an air-conditioned cafe, listening to mariachi music as an Amish family glides past in a horse-drawn carriage. Welcome to Belize, a melting pot of cultures, races and nations. Salvadoran restaurants rest next to open-pit Belizean barbecues adjacent to Chinese-run supermarkets across from Guatemalan fruit stands near Amish families […]

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Fawlty Towers, Italian style

Halfway through the woefully under impressive but wildly amusing meal at Ristorante da Vinicio, Gabi put down her fork. “It’s like being in the Italian version of Fawlty Towers,” she said, causing me to pass half a teaspoon of tasteless red wine through my left nostril. I choked back the laughter and acknowledged her perfect assessment of a mediocre dining […]

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This spud’s for you: Well-oiled museum honors history of frites

Oh, to have been born with the pedigree of Kornelius Lieuwes de Vries, one of the heroes of the modern potato. Or like Chris Verschueren,  fry master extraordinaire who, along with Monsieur de Vries, is forever memorialized in the frietMuseum in Bruges, Belgium. Monsieur de Vries was a hybridizer of potatoes whose combination of two strains of spuds – the […]

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