Rilertown – A Jake Ketcher Novel


Jake Ketcher, the young reporter at the Rilertown Post-Recorder, faces down the city’s powerful elite in Rilertown, a story of corruption, conspiracy and murder.

Driven by his family, friends and the love of his irascible girlfriend – an epileptic salsa dance instructor – Jake breaks one story and then another as his career unfolds in the city torn by racial strife and corruption.

The first in Skip Yetter’s Jake Ketcher series, Rilertown captures a bygone era in the newspaper industry in a story of intrigue, drama and tension.



From the book:

“In the thick, hot night he made promises to his God and his miserable, splintered soul that he would never do anything like this again if he could just please, please, please be granted the grace of a pardon from the crime, and a chance to get on with his life.

“I should never have been there, never should have taken the call, or accepted the first invitation. What the hell was I doing there?”

He thought of the first night, many months prior, with the same men, in the same room, and the same girl, long before it all went sour and she died in bed with a hungry, selfish soul eager to drink from the well of her youth and beauty.”

From readers: 

“Really could not put it down…The Jake Ketcher character has the strong, endearing characteristics of Clancy’s Jack Ryan with a journalistic twist.”

“Skip Yetter’s novel is taut and suspenseful with cinematic pacing. Rilertown rivals “Spotlight,” the Oscar-winning motion picture on the sex scandal in the Catholic Church.”