How to Stay for Free Anywhere in the World – Life Hacker

“This system has worked extremely well for people like like Gabrielle Yetter, who, along with her husband, spent around four years house-sitting around the world.”
Life Hacker (March 2019)

Frank and Gabrielle Yetter – Expats in Phnom Penh

“Frank (Skip) and Gabrielle Yetter are an expat couple who lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Frank is originally from Massachusetts, USA, while Gabrielle was raised in the Persian Gulf and lived in South Africa before relocating to America.”
– Expat Finder (August 2016)

How to Change Your Life — Just Go!

“Let me tell you about an inspiring couple that changed their lives. And before you think, “oh, I can’t do that,” I suggest reading the interview (and their new book, entitled  Just Go!), and then seeing how you feel”.
Wandering Educators (April 2016)

Why I Moved to Cambodia

“My favorite questions in my life are the ones that sent to me different parts of the globe.
“Do you want to work in Club Med?” (one I asked myself as I headed home from a two week Club Med visit to Cancun).
“Would you like to manage our new London office?” (from the CEO of the newswire company I worked for in the US).
“How would you feel about living in Southeast Asia?” (from my husband, Skip, during our honeymoon trip in Thailand).
I answered “yes” to all three.”
– Paradise of Exiles (April 2016)

Why We Quit Our Jobs and Gave Away All Our Stuff

“A stranger named Jerry slipped into the driver’s seat of my car and pulled away from the curb. I felt a lump in my throat as I watched my shiny black Toyota convertible disappear from sight. It was the last of my possessions to be sold or given away.” (March 2016)

Leaving the Treadmill with Gabi and Skip Yetter

“Change is a large part of human nature and it is something many people are not fond of. However, there are some who pray for change in their lives, wanting more out of the mundane life they live every day, and of these people, only a few will actually go out and make the change happen.”
– Examiner (Jan 2016)

A book to inspire future travelers to take that first step

‘Adventure is out there?” This line comes from the beloved Disney and Pixar movie Up, said by the traveler and explorer Charles Muntz. His enthusiasm for traveling touched the hearts and minds of many….”
– (Nov 2015)

Gabi and Skip Yetter: Expat Authors

“Tell us a bit about yourselves – where did you move from, where are you living now, and what prompted you to make the move?”
– ExpatFocus (Sept 2015)

Six Ways to Make Friends in a New Country

“Every day, at 7:40am, I’d hop into the back of the tuktuk (a motorcycle with a cabin attached to the rear) and head off for work. Zipping along the streets of Phnom Penh, I’d smile at tiny brown-eyed children along the dusty road and chuckle as a couple of chickens flew out from underneath a shiny SUV.”
– Global Living Magazine (Sept 2015)

Review: Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure

“It is no coincidence that many expats are self-employed. There is something about the decision to take a leap into the unknown, whether it be to a new country or via a drastic change of professional life, that seems tempting to some and terrifying to others.

Skip and Gabi Yetter’s recent release, Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure, caters to those expats who decided to make the leap both in terms of career and country changes.”
– ExpatFocus (Aug 2015)

Gabi and Skip – Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure

“Today we meet house sitters Gabi and Skip. This is their inspirational story about how in 2010 they dismounted from life as homeowners, quit their professional jobs, packed their bags and set off on the journey of a lifetime…and never looked back” (Aug 2015)

Book review of “Just Go”!

““Just Go!” is aimed at anyone who ever wanted to run away and join the circus — or just plain run away. It tells an interesting story that may inspire readers to make big (or even little) changes in their lives”
Greenfield Recorder (Aug 2015)

Learn what happened when this couple quit their day jobs

“Frank (Skip) and Gabrielle (Gabi) Yetter were in Sussex last week, house-sitting a little brown dog named Brownie. The two writers do a lot of house-sitting these days, traveling around the world from England to France to Serbia to Cyprus and soon to Nicaragua”
Marblehead Reporter (Aug 2015)

Boomer couple quits it all for worldwide adventure

“Tired of your 60-plus-hour workweek and endless commute? Got a hankering for something different in life? Consider the story of Frank and Gabrielle Yetter”.
MarketWatch (July 2015)

Seven words that changed my life

“How would you feel about living here?”

Skip tossed this question to me in our hotel room in Chiang Mai. Surprised and a little bit shocked, I replied “Sounds good to me”.

And so our next journey began”
– The Change Blog (July 2015)

Just Go!

“We had a beautiful home. Lots of great friends. Good jobs and full and happy lives.But there was something missing which we didn’t realize till we traveled to Southeast Asia.

Gentle spirituality. Embracing people. Inexpensive lifestyle. Something intangible that spoke to us and drew us in”
– (July 2015)







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