The Definitive Guide to Moving to SouthEast Asia: Cambodia

The Definitive Guide to Moving to SouthEast Asia: Cambodia is an insider’s advice to discovering all that Cambodia has to offer. It’s at once a travel guide and a relocation guide for expats.

Written by Gabrielle Yetter, who moved to and worked in Cambodia for three years, this book covers all you need to know about visiting or relocating to Cambodia.

You’ll discover places where you can get a massage on the beach or hike through a jungle to a lush waterfall. You’ll find out how to renew your visa and where to look for networking opportunities. You’ll read about the exquisite contrasts of Cambodia and the best things to look out for when you spend time there.

Whether you’re planning to travel to Cambodia for two years or two weeks, you will get an insight into the lesser-known places and customs of this fascinating country.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Visas
  • Safety
  • Money and Banking
  • Bringing your Pet
  • Free Things to Do
  • Internet access
  • What to do first when you arrive
  • Housing
  • Jobs available for foreigners
  • Things you wish you had brought (or left home)
  • Expat social clubs
  • Food and costs of everyday things
  • Medical Care and pharmacies

The Definitive Guide to Moving to SouthEast Asia: Cambodia is available in paperback and ebook.

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I loved this book!!! I moved to Cambodia almost 3 years ago and WISH I had something like this back then!!!”

“Gabi Yetter’s book is not your usual guidebook, but really a sojourn into the heart of Cambodia, as seen through sensitive eyes and across several years and many miles of exploration”.

“I defy you not to read Gabrielle Yetter’s comprehensive and conversational guide without wanting to at least visit, if not move to Cambodia.”

“What sets Yetter’s guide apart from others is her unique tone. Her love and respect for Cambodian people and culture is apparent throughout the book and she writes with a kindness and warmth that I find to be reflective of the Khmer people.”

“What better way to learn about a country then through the eyes of someone who is truly fond of it – enough to move there! There are ample guides of Cambodia; however this guide shares real depth of the country.”