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Ice cream cone diplomacy

Kendrick warily approached his quarry, eyes wide with anticipation but with understandable trepidation. He was encroaching upon sacred turf: another child’s ice cream cone. Life’s fears and apprehensions are but ephemeral concepts to a boy of a year and a half – particularly one like Kendrick, who’s been given the gift of constant international travel and has thus learned the […]

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11 reasons to love Belgrade

Nearly everything I’ve been taught about writing preaches the necessity of avoiding clichés and overused, tired structures. Originality counts in efforts of the scribe, so it seems wise to shun patterns happily deployed by rheumy-eyed bloggers who blather on with their “Top 10 (enter food product) in the US”, “Top 10 places to (enter activity)” and “Top 10 reasons why […]

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(Un)welcome to the UK

I knew I was in trouble with Agent #3293 at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 the moment she turned her eyes to me. “Greeted” would be far too kind a description for the way she looked at me. Cold eyes, “fish eyes” I call the lifeless orbs that assessed me. She started right in. I see you overstruck all these letters […]

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