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Slowly does it in the Galapagos

It looked like a small coconut bobbing on the surface of the emerald green sea. “Look! There’s one!” Skip exclaimed excitedly from the seat behind me in the kayak. I peered across the bay into the brilliant sunshine. About 15 feet from our boat was the tiny grey face of a giant sea turtle, its eyes glancing toward the sky […]

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Galapagos: Where people come last

“Grandpa, what is it like in the Galapagos Islands?” my grandson Lasky will ask me, in a conversation I expect we will have some years from now. He’s still less than a month old, but already I am looking forward to talks like these. “It is like nowhere else, my boy. It is pure wind, wave, sun and sand. It […]

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In awe of nature at the edge of an inferno

I’m standing on the edge of the Sierra Negra volcano on Isla Isabela in the Galapagos Islands, feeling as small and insignificant as I’ve ever felt. With its crater of 10 kilometers across, the sheer power, potential and enormity of this beast – one of the world’s largest active volcanoes, left me silenced in awe of nature’s absolute authority. At […]

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