The Meanderthals

An Incredibly Good Friday

How often do you have a moment when you run out of superlatives? For us, it came about 30 minutes after we left our motel room in Torrey, Utah, this morning. It stated with “wow”, then become “Oh wow”, followed by “incredible”, “amazing”, “stunnin…

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The Long and Winding Road

I think I know where the Beatles got their inspiration for “The Long and Winding Road”….On the route from Cortez, Colorado to Bluff, Utah. It’s a road that goes on…and on…and on… Not only does it go on forever but there’s no visible sign of life a…

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Anyone for fried oysters?

This morning, my mother asked me how the food had been on the road. I told her how lucky we’d been and that we hadn’t yet had a bad meal. Until today. It started when, a couple of hours after I chatted with her, we stopped at the Sonic Drive-in , …

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The Wake-Up Call

There are many things you learn when you’re on the road. One thing I learned today is to check the hotel room before you go to sleep to make sure the last person hasn’t set an alarm for some ungodly hour – say 6am – when a screeching cacophony of …

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