The Meanderthals

Take this towel and shove it

Executive Inn and Suites, my foot. Having blasted out of New Orleans after a fun night, we struck out across western Louisiana, into a small stretch of Arkansas, and back into the flatlands of Mississippi as we changed course to a northwest trajec…

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Anyone for fried oysters?

This morning, my mother asked me how the food had been on the road. I told her how lucky we’d been and that we hadn’t yet had a bad meal. Until today. It started when, a couple of hours after I chatted with her, we stopped at the Sonic Drive-in , …

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The Wake-Up Call

There are many things you learn when you’re on the road. One thing I learned today is to check the hotel room before you go to sleep to make sure the last person hasn’t set an alarm for some ungodly hour – say 6am – when a screeching cacophony of …

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