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Close enCOWnter

It’s 7 p.m. in Baisha, China, a tiny village of a couple hundred people, a handful of shops, a bunch of cobblestoned streets – and one nocturnal perambulating cow. We know this because we had a bovine encounter of the extreme kind on the way back from acquiring the night’s repast in the village square. This meal – owing to the […]

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What language barrier?

“Hello, can I help me?” asked the smiling, well-intended, albeit language-challenged young woman at the Vietnam Airlines office in Chengdu, China. “Why, yes, you can,” was my answer, and away we went to change our flights from Beijing to Hanoi without a hitch. All the fuss about the language barrier in China turns out to have been highly overrated. Yeah, […]

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Malaria madness…fevers, chills and the cookie doctor

In my altered state of malaria-induced fogginess, New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport presented itself as an oblong-shaped mass of concrete and steel, a visually skewed version of the modern airport we had walked through only days earlier. Stepping from the car to the curb, the world spiraled and collapsed around me. I felt nausea wash over me like a monsoon […]

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