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Jack Jackson: My idea of a hero

There was a piece floating around the internet a few weeks ago about the absence of contemporary cultural, intellectual and ethical heroes, an insightful lament that got me thinking and asking family and friends who they thought were candidates for latter day hero status. Today, I offer you one of my leading candidates: my friend Jack Jackson. Jack, as many […]

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O Vinhaca – Oh, my goodness, what a discovery!

It’s easy to bypass O Vinhaca, a tiny restaurant tucked away at No. 53 Rua do Salvador in Lisbon’s Alfama district. Thousands do so each day as they make their way up the cobblestoned streets in Lisbon’s oldest and most historic barrio, paying little attention to the tiny, signless restaurant. They stroll past what locals call the oldest traffic sign […]

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My friend Bob Wallack: A great guy who brought flavor to life

When lung cancer took the life of my friend Bob Wallack earlier this week, it removed a ton of flavor from a world that’s already too often bland. Bob was many things: Husband, father, grandfather, friend, newspaperman, businessman, thoughtful member of the global community. Throughout his media career he wrote for and edited newspapers, acted as head of a regional […]

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