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Wonderful, wacky China on the move

From the perspective of one month zipping around the People’s Republic of China, here’s my take on this vast, mysterious, chaotic and wonderful country: all of China is on the move, and it does nothing slowly and nothing on a small scale. China is perpetual motion. Cars, buses, trains, people, motorbikes, bicycles, animals…everything and everyone moves at fast pace, forward […]

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Ho-listically speaking

Sometimes I find things on TripAdvisor that lead us in a completely different direction. While looking for a place to stay in Lijiang last week, I came across a reviewer who mentioned a 91-year-old holistic doctor named Dr Ho Shixiu who’s known as one of the leading lights of Chinese traditional medicine and runs the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Chinese […]

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Close enCOWnter

It’s 7 p.m. in Baisha, China, a tiny village of a couple hundred people, a handful of shops, a bunch of cobblestoned streets – and one nocturnal perambulating cow. We know this because we had a bovine encounter of the extreme kind on the way back from acquiring the night’s repast in the village square. This meal – owing to the […]

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Dining (way) out in China

“Oh, good evening,” said the smiling young waiter at Ninety-Seven Restaurant in Lijaing’s Ancient City. “Table for two? Right this way. “We have a lovely outdoor table for you, not far from the brook with all the flowers, where you can watch tourists take photos of each other and make bets about who will be the first to fall in. […]

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Getting lost on the roads less traveled

Sometimes getting lost is the best means of finding your way. We’re six weeks in to our Great Asian adventure, and with some successes and failure (plus a ton of laughs) under our belts we’ve learned a thing or two about perpetual travel in new places. Don’t stay in a place where it takes more than two days for your […]

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