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Bullish on Istanbul

Oh, to live the life of a feral cat in Istanbul. To spend languid days bathed in sunlight, and to be fed, coddled by strangers and generally looked after as we wander aimlessly through this wondrous city. But wait! That was us, at least in the seven days we enjoyed exploring the depths and edges of ancient and contemporary Istanbul. […]

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Six weeks of magic, mystery and mayhem

With two days left in our six-week stint in Cyprus, now’s as good a time as any to share some parting thoughts about this tiny island of magic, mystery and mayhem. Cyprus’s one million inhabitants enjoy a rich cultural and social  history, cobalt waters that caress pebbled beaches along a fascinating and gorgeous coastline, brown and grey wheat and barley […]

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Island life as the Cypriots do

The sun continues its inexorable whitewashing of Cyprus as another day greets us on this tiny island of history, mystery and magic. Cyprus is a tiny dot of an island in the Mediterranean whose capital, Nicosia, is the last divided capital in Europe (under Cypriot and Turkish control, marked by a border crossing that splits a major shopping avenue). The […]

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Fawlty Towers, Italian style

Halfway through the woefully under impressive but wildly amusing meal at Ristorante da Vinicio, Gabi put down her fork. “It’s like being in the Italian version of Fawlty Towers,” she said, causing me to pass half a teaspoon of tasteless red wine through my left nostril. I choked back the laughter and acknowledged her perfect assessment of a mediocre dining […]

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The best of Cinque Terre takes a little effort to find

The passion of Cinque Terre – with its stunning vistas, quaint towns, friendly people and incredible food – brought us to its shores. But it was the hidden gems we discovered that will remain as iconic memories of this magical place. Long a tourist mecca in northern Italy, the five hamlets have been thoroughly strolled, hiked and, in summer, stampeded […]

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