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An appreciation for our adoptive home

The heat smacked us in the face and pressed heavily on our backs as we labored over uneven sidewalks and dodged motorbikes, seeking a shortcut around traffic-jammed intersections. Horns honked everywhere around us, and we cowered from the manic traffic flow. The sun beat down relentlessly as we struggled along in search of an air-conditioned coffee shop, which, despite detailed […]

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Not loving leaving

I walked home this afternoon from Lycofra, our neighbourhood Khmer hair salon where I get my usual $2.50 shampoo that includes a heavenly 45-minute head, neck, hand and arm massage. I strolled along the broken sidewalk past Taqueria Corona, our favourite Mexican restaurant, where chickens pecked in the dirt and moto drivers buzzed along on the wrong side of the […]

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The ridiculous extremes of Pattaya

A middle-aged American, struggling for months with the text of a book he’s trying to write about his conversion from the life of a western businessman to a resident of one of Southeast Asia’s most undeveloped countries, decides to head to a coastal Thai beach town for some peace and quiet and to write. Salt, sand, wind and ocean air […]

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