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Looking back while headed forward

The heat smacked us in the face and pressed on our backs as we labored over uneven sidewalks and dodged motorbikes seeking a shortcut around traffic-jammed intersections. Horns honked everywhere around us as we cowered from the manic traffic flow. The sun beat down relentlessly as we labored along in search of an air-conditioned coffee shop, which, despite clear directions […]

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My linguistic faux pas-es

A few months into our living and learning experience in Cambodia, fresh from a Khmer language class and full of positive energy, I approached a woman holding an ill baby in the Russian Market to engage her in a conversation in Khmer. Just jump in, our instructor had enthusiastically instructed us. So I did. “Knyom kit ta koin neak chikuit,” […]

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Cookin’ with gas in the Penh

While popping a batch of popcorn for a lunchtime snack and with a dinner party at our home only hours away, I make the startling discovery that we were really, really low on propane. As in, almost completely out of gas. This may not sound like a particularly challenging prospect. But as a foreigner living in Phnom Penh, this is […]

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