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Chickens, Pigs, Kids and Motos : Two years in Phnom Penh

On the way to work this week, we passed a man carrying a duck upside down. A few minutes later we saw a chicken tied by its leg to the tree.

The strange part wasn’t the duck and the chickens.  It was that we didn’t see them as unusual.

Farm animals on the street, moto drivers transporting plates of glass, vehicles carrying live pigs through the streets of Phnom Penh…..they’re all part of our life these days. And we don’t blink when we see someone chowing down on a cricket or a driving a buffalo cart loaded with pottery through the middle of town.

It’s just “year two” in Cambodia.



  • Leslie Galacar

    So beautifully written Gabi. I so admire your spirit of adventure and your heartfelt descriptions.It must be so hard not to give all of your money away to strangers, knowing that a dollar bill can do so much there.How incredible that you and Skip have found your "callings" so far away fromfamiliar territory. I think you are brave beyond words and so glad you and Skiphave found each other. I am really looking forward to your chapter on moving to SouthEast Asia. And I am saving my money to come for a visit in the next 18 months. It’s a place I never thought to go to until you and Skip "showed" me the beauty and magic all around you. ( I will, however, NEVER eat bugs!!) Keep sending the updates and pictures. (You both look SO beautiful!) Take care. I hope you will visit sometime this year. Love, Leslie g xxoo

  • Barrie

    Nice one.:-))

  • Judith Swartz

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit with us!

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