The Meanderthals

Inauguration message to an un-presidential precedent

I Will Not.

Not now; not ever.

I will not drink from your poisoned well of lies.

I will not dine from your banquet of hateful xenophobia.

I will not breathe your noxious air, tainted by your sequestered life of detached entitlement and filtered by your carefully constructed moat of homogeneity.

I will not stand by in idle witness to the devastation you think is the beautiful path to progress, right and good.

I will not attempt to see through your angry eyes, red-rimmed and hateful, your snake-iris view of the world skewed by a past that has shaped your hatred of all that is unlike you.

The snake-eyed glare of Our Philanderer in Chief, the most despise president-elect in history.

The snake-eyed glare of Our Philanderer in Chief, the most despise president-elect in history.

I will not shun my neighbors, my friends, or strangers whose brown skins and faith in Allah and love of people of their same gender and shameful poverty and genuine worries about what tomorrow will bring, all of which offends you and threatens your smug superiority.

I will not allow my daughters to be groped, nor my wife and sisters’ rights to be fondled, nor my women friends’ potential to be repressed, as you play your game of dominating isolation and inflict the masses with your venomous will to harm.

I will not embrace your ideas of victory, the petty squabbles of your flawed thinking and twisted reality, tweeted into the night with the malevolence of a trillion rabid bats possessed by hellish fury, thirsty to feed on the defenseless, the vulnerable.

I will not accept your lies, but I will reject each one as a horrible untruth foisted upon us with the only objective to perpetuate the myth of your potential. I will seize upon every misstatement you spew from your cracked, dry lips and hold you deliciously accountable.

I will not accept your purposeful, violent anger.

I will not permit your infected spirit into the temple of my life.

Not now; not ever.

I will remain open to all.

I will maintain dignity in the face of your venomous rejection of what I cherish and hold dear: fairness, honesty, inclusion, tolerance, truth.

I will promote the cause of justice, of decency, of equality for all, even while you work, orange-faced and red-lipped, with the blood of millions on your hands, with every 140-character assault on humanity in your senseless pursuit of ideals you do not understand and, because of that, will never achieve.

I will re-commit to everything you oppose.

I will pour the acid of my will on the wall you seek to construct to surround your world with your private, foolish moat of protection.

You may have the role you covet, but not the adoration you crave. You may be president, but you shall forever be un-presidential – an un-presidential precedent.

You will not have my complacency, my acceptance, or my support.

You will have my disobedience, my contempt, and my irreversible disdain for every golden flake in your gilded, obscene tower.

And in the end, you will bow to the collective will of a nation of people who care more, believe more, and are committed to ideals and ideas that your churlish, small mind cannot comprehend.

As much as you love the idea of winning, you are doomed to lose.

For you are powerless to witness my authority, and that of millions like me, as we await your demise and you quickly lose your tiny-fingered grasp on the stature you so desperately crave.

This, you vile president without precedent, is inexorable. You will retreat, vanquished, to become a footnote, disappearing into the jungle of your moneyed world, like a virus into nature, to relish your petty conquests but contemplate your ultimate failure.

You may survive, but you will not succeed.

Not now; not ever.


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