The Meanderthals

New home for The Meanderthals!

Dear subscribers, readers and interested meanderthal fans…

Since Posterous is shutting down in a few days we have relocated our blog to this new location! Please note the change of address so you can continue to follow our travels and experiences and keep in touch.

We also would love to know what you think of the new site.

Below here you can enter your email address so you can receive an update every time we have something to share with you here.

Thanks, Posterous, for providing a great home for our posts for the past three years.


Skip and Gabi,
the meanderthals.

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  • Nice site! Found your blog while searching for pre-arrival info on PP and Cambodia. I’m an American journalist heading to Saigon and PP – some work, but mostly holiday. Any advice on PP or travel from Saigon to PP is appreciated. I’m also a Posterous victim…er, former user. Migration worked for me too!

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