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Kulchur on the Road

So the first song we heard on the radio as we pulled out of Marblehead was “I Wanna Go Home”…could it be a sign?!

We took it to be an inspiration (home is where you lay your head, right?) and pointed our trusty steed south….Dashed through Massachusetts, hit the pike, cruised into Pennsylvania and lunched in the glorious Hawley Diner in Hawley, PA where the sign on the street read “Watch you don’t trip on our million dollar sidewalks”. Skip, hoping to be healthy, ordered the tuna salad which turned out to be the mayonnaise special with dishes so imbued with mayo that they almost slid off the plate.

First stop Amish country where we were exposed to incredible culture. Not the historical Amish and Mennonite traditions, but none-other than The Outhouse where we saw the “man eating chicken” and the Pretzel Factory (which, unfortunately, offered no tours on Tuesdays). My main regret so far on this trip is that I never had the shoofly pie, so I’m drowning my sorrows as we traverse the coast, landing in Fenwick Island, Delaware tonight after a ferry trip across from Cape May (“Ferry across the Jersey”?) … Life is Good Indeed!

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    So good to hear from you today with your news. I hope you will take photos of Katie and Steve. Who will wake me up in the morning for Toasties? With love from me in my living room working on my taxes after watching American Idol.

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